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VM OS Selection

There are multiple sets of Vagrantfiles available (see vagrantfiles/) which can be used to use a different OS for the Kubernetes environment.

List of currently available Vagrantfile sets:

Name Container Runtime OS Version Special Notes
centos7 Docker/Moby CentOS 7 N/A
centos8 Docker/Moby CentOS 8 KUBE_NETWORK=calico is forced, due to issues under CentOS 8 regarding iptables.
centos Docker/Moby CentOS 7 Use centos7 in favor of this, as this "target" might be changed to centos8 in a future release.
fedora Docker/Moby Fedora 32 N/A
ubuntu Docker/Moby Ubuntu 18.04 KUBE_NETWORK=canal is forced, due to issues under Ubuntu. Additionally Google DNS Servers are used as the nameservers.

To use a different set than the default fedora one's, add BOX_OS=__NAME__ (where __NAME__ is, e.g., fedora).