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When usign Virtualbox as the provider make up hangs after it is done

For unknown reasons the makefile is not exiting after it has printed the "cluster creation successful" message.
The issue is being looked into it, till then just do CTRL+C to exit the make up command.

"I have a VPN running on my host machine, what should I look out for?"

TL;DR Set the following variables on your make up run as follows: NETWORK_VM_MTU=1350 and KUBE_NETWORK_MTU=1300.

Set the NETWORK_VM_MTU and KUBE_NETWORK_MTU according to the MTU of your VPN interface(s) - "overhead" (50).
Using the values in the TL;DR should work for "99% percent" of common VPNs.

Creating an Issue

Please attach the output of the make versions command to the issue as is shown in the issue template. This makes debugging easier.