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Software Requirements

  • make
  • kubectl - Optional when KUBECTL_AUTO_CONF is set to false (default: true).
  • grep
  • cut
  • rsync
  • Source for randomness (only used to generate a kubeadm token, when no custom KUBETOKEN is given):
  • /dev/urandom
  • openssl command - Fallback for when /dev/urandom is not available.
  • Vagrant (>= 2.2.0)
  • Tested with 2.2.2 (if you should experience issues, please upgrade to at least this Vagrant version or higher)
  • Plugins
    • vagrant-reload REQUIRED For BOX_OS=fedora (set by default) and when using the vagrant-reload* targets, the vagrant-reload plugin is needed. An automatic attempt to install the plugin is made. To install manually run one of the following commands:
    • make vagrant-plugins or
    • vagrant plugin install vagrant-reload
  • Vagrant Provider (one of the following two is needed)
  • libvirt (vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt)
    • Tested with libvirtd version 5.10.0.
    • Libvirt support is still a bit experimental and can be unstable (e.g., VMs not getting IPs).
    • Troubleshooting: If your VM creation is hanging at Waiting for domain to get an IP address..., using virsh run virsh force reset VM_NAME (VM_NAME can be obtained using virsh list command) or in virt-manager Force Reset on the VM.
  • Virtualbox (WARNING VirtualBox seems to hang the Makefile randomly for some people, libvirt is recommended)
    • Tested with 6.0.0 (if you should experience issues, please upgrade to at least this version or higher)
    • VBoxManage binary in PATH.

NOTE kubectl is only needed when the kubectl auto configuration is enabled (default is enabled), to disable it set the variable KUBECTL_AUTO_CONF to false.
For more information, see the Configuration / Variables doc page.

Hardware Requirements

  • Master
  • CPU: 2 Cores (MASTER_CPUS)
  • 1x Node:
  • CPU: 1 Core (it is recommended to use at least 2 Cores; NODE_CPUS)
  • Memory: 2GB (it is recommended to use more than 2GB; NODE_MEMORY_SIZE_GB)

These resources can be changed by setting the according variables for the make up command, see Configuration / Variables doc page.